Wanderer, gypsy and observer of the human condition, explore the mind of Charles Hurst. Author of the novels THE SECOND FALL and THE MONTERIANS, Hurst, a true conservative writer, searches for the lost values of America in his fictional characters who embark in the battle that many of us face today for the very soul of our country. Join him in his free subscription biweekly blog, THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE , which addresses not only his works, but the philosophy behind them, social issue topics and periodic short stories. Whether a dark prophecy about a future Apocalypse, defense of morality and conservatism, or the hypocrisy of both political parties, his writings will entertain and inform, giving insight to ourselves and the nature of our species.                                                                                                                             


THE SECOND FALL An offbeat Armageddon of Christ's return to a diseased world. Join the Second Coming with His band of chosen misfits to save the world from its misfortune as they battle Lucifer and his gathering of dark forces. The final conflict where the stakes are the future of mankind.
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THE MONTERIANS Jack Strickland, a once poor enlisted sailor, returns to Monterey a now rich and successful entrepreneur. Although wealthy his life soon descends into chaos with his newly found friends of similar status as demons from his past rise through the waters in attempt reclaim him.     
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 A biweekly subscription on the writer, his philosophy and a variety of commentary articles on the social issues we face today. Join today and be a part of the movement to reclaim our country. Included will be periodic short stories created from the writer's travels and imagination. Click above and scroll down and right to enter your email to receive for free a running commentary on the values lost in America and comment your thoughts on THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE!!!


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